Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Drawing - Form Homework

The final image was to adapt a character of our choice. This is Mid-Boss of the Disgaea series.

Learning about the use of shapes in construction of form and its use in assisting with perspective. I'm pretty sure I did this before we started on portraits - this is probably some time near the start of 1st term.

I'm still not sure about what constitutes a violation of terms in accordance to nudity (some people are stupid picky about this I'm playing it safe with a happy face.

Anyway, we had to use 2 models and adapt them into box and mixed form.

Character Work?

The characters on showcase here are Steve's cop and robber from his awesome story idea. I got caught up in the fun and threw down some variations as well. Of course, at some point we lost sight of where we were going and ended up shifting to drawing cats and Mario.

The ones of my make are on the 1st pic (the robber on the bottom left) and on the 2nd (the cop in the center and Mario to the side).

If you want to know what happens in the story, Steve has posted videos of his pitch on his blog (Really worth seeing - one of them also has another of his ideas that got shelved)

Sketchbookin #2

I need to start drawing more full-bodied characters...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Animation Term1 - First few assignments

Don't ask about the star... ... just don't, I don't know what I was thinking. I have learned a valuable lesson... I will NEVER do that again... well, at least not on assignments to be graded.

And yeah, I noticed how he rolls over his tail and defies the physics of solid ground. I forgot about the ground line and really only realized it after I handed it in... On the bright side, I haven't neglected it since :)

Showing weight with balls.

Everyone knows this one. The quintessential bouncing ball. Oh how I cringe when I look back on thee ;) . Must mean I've gotten better since I've started. I'll allow myself a small pang of pride :)

Life Drawing - Portrait Homework

This one actually turned out okay. It's fellow artist and classmate Chris. He does awesome stuff, I highly recommend you check him out.

Supposed to be my sister. Jury's out on this one I think.

I'm not even going to try to be chronological anymore... I have enough trouble knowing what month it is, let alone trying to make posts from multiple classes coincide. I think keeping them within the same term is hard enough as is...

Anyway, I was supposed to draw 3 people each from a different view point (Front, Side, 3/4)

Sketchbookin #1

This was originally a wave chart for analyzing the accents in a dialogue I was doing. Then Steve found his way over to my desk...and well... I don't even know how clowns came into it.

Term1 - Layout - Active/ Reactive

This assignment was to illustrate that different expressions within the same action can show whether the character was: giving/ receiving good news/ bad news (taking up the active or re-active role in the conversation). I didn't realize that the assignment was due at the end of class. So I spent the whole time having fun drawing faces... ended up doing the bodies for everyone in 1 minute & 30 seconds. Jerry was feeling generous and gave me the extra 30.

Term1 - Layout - 2,3 pt & Distorted perspective Homework

Term1 - Layout - 1pt perspective Homework

Had to draw a room in my house from 3 views of 1 pt.

Some Pre-VanArts Animation

A group assignment. The first frame is also used as the last frame - as such, all the classmates' animations would hook up properly. This was my bit.

A throw effect. The Character is really stale, but for animating straight ahead on a 1st attempt - I thought it didn't turn out half bad...

My first walk cycle.

Now that I look back, these drawings are so rigid... I'll take it as a sign of improvement.

More Term 1 Life Drawing

What I ended up using for term 1 critiques.

Term 1 Life Drawing

This spans Term 1 at VanArts. However, since most of this was scanned in hopes of it being usable for critiques, the majority of these probably came from closer to the end of the term.

More distant doodles. at least I can say my style has changed a bit.

Pre Vanarts doodles.

Playing around with some character ideas. All I can see is the utter lack of a line of action. Still, I like the stogy smoking bottle.

My First Two Attempts at Layouts

Suffice it to say that I learned most of my perspective from Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station. That was an awesome show.

All together now. And… … DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW!

Early Life Drawing

These are some of the better life drawings that I did before getting accepted into Vanarts.